I am a Product Designer @Citi with a background in software development, now transforming complex problems into intuitive design solutions by focusing on ...

Selected Work



Designed and delivered a performance monitoring dashboard that can be used by the SIMULIA R&D team to monitor delays in the simulation tool

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Designed a mobile app conceptualized to leverage computer vision to aid dog owners in better understanding their dog’s health

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Researched and designed “Ecocash” a
gamified solution that encourages people to
plant more trees

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Designed a IoT based ecosystem for GE Appliances that transforms University laundry rooms into a profit center

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Redesigned the onboarding experience and information architecture of a career advancement platform for early and mid-career professionals

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Other Work

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Paul M, Dassault Systemes
It's been a pleasure to work with Meenal. She is very competent and able to extend her knowledge to learn things that she's not already familiar with.There is a certain maturity in the way that Meenal thinks and works.She often understood things quickly on her own or was able to ask the right questions to get clarification. She is confident enough to point out things that might have been overlooked, or better ways of doing things, and she does it with respect. She also has a good sense of humor, which makes it very enjoyable to work with her. I wish that we had an open position on our team so that we could offer it to her.
Reno P, wiseful
I've been really impressed with Meenal's work at wiseful! Every week she exemplifies balanced design thinking has applied a strong focus on user research and intuitive design. One quality that's been really helpful to our development process is her eye for identifying design roadblocks that could hinder future development for our platform.She has the ability to execute user interviews well, curate design iterations, and understand requirements that have been handed to the team. She also demonstrates a willingness to learn and contribute towards a seamless user experience which makes it exciting to work with her each week!
Aqueasha M, Indiana University
I first met Meenal as a student in my HCI methods course, but she has worked with me over the past semester on one of my collaborative projects to design technology to improve heart health among African-Americans.The project is a collaboration with faculty at another university and a non-profit and was recently awarded a Google Award for Inclusion Research.Meenal has also shown a keen ability to learn about community needs and adapt her designs to those needs. She has also demonstrated outstanding skill in balancing the needs of the potential users, community stakeholders, and others involved in the design process with good design practice. Overall, Meenal has demonstrated her ability to apply her knowledge of design and the design process and work in a collaborative team environment.

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