Hello from Texas! 👋🏼

I am a curious person who depends on research as a tool to find answers to my questions! Curiosity to learn new things made me transition from development to design and now I leverage my skills to act as a catalyst between the users and the stakeholders.

As a Designer, my passion for storytelling and turning complex problems into minimalistic and usable design solutions makes me enjoy the process of working end-to-end on the design solutions. I strive to curate experiences that are intuitive, accessible, and easy to interact  for the users. The goal is to deliver a design that does not have to be explained...

I recently graduated in May 2021 with a Master’s Degree in Human-Computer Interaction and aim to be a lifelong student of design who strives to improve her skills and gets inspired by fellow designers! I am a big F.r.i.e.n.d.s fan and in my leisure time enjoy playing board games, dancing and travelling!
As a Designer, I see myself working on bridging the gap between user needs and business goals...
My career journey helped me in associating myself with these attributes...


I strongly advocate empathy towards individuals I am associated with: teammates, customers, stakeholders


Curiosity, research, and self-learning help me become a better version of myself with each passing day


Having industry experience of working as a Developer helps me in collaborating with the Development or Technical team